Staff listing

Medical Staff Administration


Theresa Zinck Lederer, MPH, CPMSM, CPCS, Executive Director
Rose Elcsics, Senior Administrative Associate

Yale New Haven

Laura Brown, Director, Medical Staff Administration
Karen Gleeson, Associate Director, New Appointments
Amanda Vitale, Associate Director, Payer Enrollment and Delegation
Renee Young, Manager, Medical Staff Quality and Data Manager
Viola Hughes, Physician Contract Manager
Marissa Sherwood, Project Manager
Pam Lemere, Administrative Associate
Lisa Labaire, Administrative Assistant
Jenna Lapko, Sr. Credentialing Specialist
Andrea Athey-Gibson, Credentialing Specialist
Jamie Finch, Credentialing Specialist
Melissa Oliveri, Credentialing Specialist
Marika Burnett, Credentialing Specialist
Janice Gambardella, Sr. Credentialing Specialist
Iris Atkinson, Credentialing Specialist
Jessica Osborne, Credentialing Specialist
Karen Fernandez, Credentialing Specialist
Ruth Ruesch, CPCS, Credentialing Specialist
Lourdes Espada, CPCS, Network Credentialing Coordinator
Cecelia Waldron, Credentialing Coordinator
Colleen Tsangarides, Payer Enrollment Specialist
Cynthia Genovese, Payer Enrollment Specialist
Melissa Bednarz, Payer Enrollment Specialist
Monique Brisbane, Payer Enrollment Specialist
Caterina Asklar, Credentialing Specialist
Karen Toohey, Medical Staff Data Coordinator
Tara Ferraro, Medical Staff Data Coordinator
Linda Lutz, Physician Contract Coordinator
Melissa Crawford, Physician Contract Coordinator


Laura Nasufi, CPMSM, CPCS, Medical Staff Site Coordinator
Cristina Arizmendi, Credentialing Specialist


Patti Yacavone, Medical Staff Site Coordinator

Lawrence + Memorial / New London

Sarah Chasteen, Medical Staff Site Manager
Karen Talbot, Credentialing Specialist
Brian Pentell, Medical Staff Support Associate
Elizabeth Beardsley, Credentialing Specialist
Scott Patterson, Physician Contract Coordinator

Westerly, RI