Paul X. Fu, MD


Internal Medicine


Paul Fu, MD, is a general neurologist at Yale Medicine. He joined the full-time faculty after finishing his residency at Yale in June 2018.

Dr. Fu became interested in neurology because he was excited by the innovations available for treating patients with brain disorders. “I’ve always considered the brain the organ that makes us most human,” he says. “It’s what makes us intelligent and helps us make our decisions.”

Dr. Fu believes that trust is an important part of any patient/physician relationship. He fosters trust by listening to his patients carefully to understand not only their conditions, but also who they are as people. When listening to their stories, he tries to put himself in their shoes. “I hope that each patient walks away feeling that I care about them and what they’re going through,” he says.

In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Fu has a special interest in hospital administration, which he believes will help improve patient and physician interactions at a systemic level. “When you focus on patient interactions from the standpoint of an entire practice, you can impact a lot more patients and a lot more providers,” he says. 






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