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Emergency Services

Emergency Care

From the moment you arrive at Westerly Hospital’s Emergency Department, our skilled, caring clinical team is committed to offering you the highest quality care, and treating you with compassion and respect.

The Emergency Department at Westerly Hospital is a full-service emergency medical center open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The department is staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians, and highly skilled nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants trained in emergency medicine.

Acute Stroke Ready Emergency Department

The Joint Commission - National Quality Approval

Westerly Hospital is certified by The Joint Commission as an Acute Stroke Ready hospital.

The Telestroke program with Yale New Haven Hospital provides 24/7 communication with stroke-trained neurologists, so patients can be treated quickly to preserve brain function in the critical early onset of stroke.


Additional Emergency Services

Westerly Hospital treats patients with heart attacks, sepsis, respiratory emergencies, critically-ill pediatric patients and more.

Whether a patient’s medical needs are minor or life threatening, Westerly Hospital’s emergency team is always ready to act appropriately, giving each individual timely, professional and compassionate care.

To contact the Emergency Department, call 401-348-3325.

Wait Times

Our wait time clocks help make sure you get the care you need as quickly as possible. In a life-threatening emergency, always call 911 first.

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Emergency Care

Stroke? B-E F-A-S-T

Balance unsteady
Eyesight changes

Facial droop
Arm weakness
Speech difficulty
Time to call 911

The most common symptoms of stroke can easily be remembered by the letters B-E  F-A-S-T.

cbk jim

Brian's Comeback Story

Crippling stomach pain kept Brian awake. After being rushed to Westerly Hospital’s Emergency Department, a CT scan revealed a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.