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Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders in the healthcare setting include promoting teamwork among staff, encouraging positive self-esteem, motivating staff to functional at a high level of performance and empowering staff to become more involved in the development and implementation of policies and procedures. Examples of transformational leadership positions at Westerly Hospital include:

  • Nurse Managers play an increasing role in achieving the goals of not only their unit but of the organization. In addition they promote the patient and family experience of care utilizing best practice. To be a transformational nurse manager you must be capable of influencing staff to align with the organizational goals.
  • Clinical Coordinators manage groups processes, encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust and group identify, fosters commitment and team spirit, and works with others to achieve goals. Even with their busy administrative schedule you will find our Clinical Coordinators performing 50% of their time doing clinical as frontline staff.
  • Professional Development Specialists engage you in lifelong learning experiences. They will wear many hats through your clinical advancement including orient, precept, mentor, encourage and guide you in your transition into your new role at Westerly. In addition they will review your practice, help build your confidence through engagement and feedback.